Stunning city rooftop micro wedding in Europe at Hotel Warszawa

January 27, 2022

Gorgeous location for a city rooftop micro wedding or a modern elopement!

Can you imagine having a city rooftop micro wedding in Europe yourself? This city wedding venue located on the roof of a five-star hotel is breathtaking! As a wedding photographer I can say It’s not only a gorgeous backdrop but also an amazing romantic setting, perfect for a micro wedding of your dreams or a city elopement!

There are no doubts that a rooftop is a perfect wedding venue for City Lovers.

Set above the city skyline and above the buzz of downtown city streets gives you a lot of privacy if you want to elope in the city! Can you already imagine the calm of the rooftop and also the excitement and buzz of the city below? Dive into this gorgeous wedding story of Dasha and Andrzej straight from the rooftop of a European city and the stylish Hotel Warszawa set in a historic 1934 skyscraper!

They know exactly how to celebrate with this simple yet so romantic first dance!

Not only was there romantic violin music for the cocktails at the beginning of this elegant wedding dinner just as they dreamed about but also… far from following the traditional wedding, their chic, carefree, and effortless wedding opposed the trend of ‘wedding traditions’ by hosting the most beautifully intimate, relaxed, and memorable day for them and their loved ones. With this simple and elegant first dance on the rooftop, their wedding day is so much more. Sophisticated and special!

Modern and classy bridal look

The bride has chosen one of the top wedding dress designers, a dress that beautifully accentuates her figure! With all the beautiful details and the wedding shoes so many brides are dreaming of – Jimmy Choo bridal she looked so stylish and so modern! Adding that little bit of sparkle to that classy and simple wedding dress was the perfect touch to finish her look, such a lovely way to embrace the bride’s inner minimalist.

Urban Wedding Reception in the Hotel

Every modern detail was carefully selected to match the interiors so everything worked in great harmony. Simple candles, white flowers, all minimalist and elegant, made the perfect decor for these beautiful hotel interiors and original features. And again, although it is an old expression, less is more. This boutique hotel is an amazing alternative venue to hold small weddings.

A micro wedding reception makes the whole experience more intimate.

When you are struggling to decide whether to have a big, traditional wedding or want to elope in the city imagine such a micro wedding with closed ones. Dasha and Andrzej decided to have a celebration in a relaxed style. No fuss, no flamboyancy… simply elegant, cool, classy with people close to their heart.

Looking for your own city rooftop wedding venue?

Of course, when deciding to carry out your wedding on a rooftop terrace, like any wedding day, you might be worried about is the weather. Of course, to ensure that bad weather doesn’t ruin your rooftop wedding, simply prepare for anything! But remember, there is no bad weather for photography and most European cities have beautiful weather in the summer!

The advantage of organizing your wedding in the city!

You and your guests will love a wedding in a city as there is always a lot to see and do for all of you in the days before and after the big day! Most of us have a favourite city such as London, Barcelona or Paris and many more that you would love to visit for the first time or again. Some of the biggest advantages of getting married in a city are that there is always great access to an airport, a great choice of accommodation for you and your guests and there are also a great choice of wedding vendors!

Is a micro wedding already a trend?

Mostly, due to Covid 19 restrictions on wedding guest numbers there has been an increase in the popularity of small, intimate weddings. While for some people it may seem a necessity, for others it’s the best decision ever as they were always looking for a more meaningful day, with the opportunity to genuinely interact with all their guests. From the beginning of my photography carrier I have always loved small, intimate and slow weddings. I hope the popularity of low-key, laid back micro weddings will certainly stay and I will capture many more such love stories.

Photography: Joanna Paxton
Dress: Viola Piekut
Venue: Hotel Warszawa
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Accessories: White Jasmine Accessories
Film: Piotr Widziszewski
Violin: Zwierz Aleksander